About Youshh Online Video Sharing Platform

Youshh is The Best Video Sharing Platform for new or experienced video content creators that want the opportunity and potential to be fairly rewarded for their efforts.

Youshh is a user friendly and easy-to-use Video Sharing Platform for all video content creators and businesses.

You can upload videos in almost any file format, and your videos can playback on almost every modern device and browser.


Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to fairly reward video content creators for their creativity!

Youshh does NOT impose minimum subscriber or watch time hour requirement thresholds to meet before video content monetisation can be allowed.

We pay the creators 70% of the advertising revenue generated on their content for their efforts.


Easy Video Uploading

Our video uploader is simple just drag and drop your files and wait for them to upload and finalise, please be patient as this can take a while dependant upon the file size and/or the format the video file is stored. Upon completion of the finalising process, all videos must then pass our approval process to then be activated and visible on the Youshh video platform.