Are you looking for a new video sharing platform online? Youshh is the perfect option, and we make it easy for everyone to Watch, Upload and Earn with our innovative service.

There are numerous video sharing websites available to content creators online. However, many impose restrictions and are not designed to support the creator but rather the owner of the platform instead. That’s why numerous creators are now looking for new avenues away from the norm or the standard option. Youshh is a fresh, innovative company and we are rapidly becoming the best video sharing platform online.

Whether you are new to content creation or a professional looking for a fresh way to publish your videos, we make it easy for you to upload, view, and share.

Designed For Content Creators

A key benefit of Youshh that pushes beyond the typical options online is that we have been designed specifically to benefit content creators. Creativity is at the forefront of our company mission at Youshh and there are no minimum watch time hour requirement thresholds or minimum subscriber bases. Instead, you can start making money on our platform immediately. Furthermore, all creators receive 70% of the total amount of revenue that is generated through advertising. This far exceeds the profit options available from other websites on the market today.

Free To Use

One of the most integral parts about Youshh is the fact that it we are completely free to use. You can make use of everything that is on offer including uploading and streaming and not pay a single penny. When it comes to a lot of the other online video hosting and streaming sites, there are options that allow you to pay for premium content. This is not the case with Youshh because all the videos are accessible by everyone who has an account! As such, if there is a video that you want to view on our platform, you don’t have to worry about paying anything for it.

Easy To Upload

If you are looking to upload and share your video to a website, Youshh has made it incredibly easy for you. You don’t have to go through a complicated process to wait five hours for your video to upload, which helps to make it easy and convenient for you. You simply drag and drop your files in the designed box before waiting for them to upload to the website. The file size will impact how long it takes, but the Youshh servers work to make sure the wait time is minimal and you can share your content quickly.

Get Started Right Now

Are you interested in getting started with content creation on Youshh? It’s simple to get set up on and begin accessing your target audience. It’s completely free and you don’t need any credit card info or personal banking details to begin. However, you will require PayPal to receive your payments. The entire process takes just a few minutes.

Youshh is the best video sharing platform online that puts creators' needs and goals as the top priority.